Mini Pc Hero boot on efi shell

Hello, I have a mini pc, it looks like a HEROBOX, the serial number is VS19057000342
The pc boots in shel version 2.6 mode black screen looks like linux, i cant start in windows, what can i do? maybe a bios flash, I typed exit and enter the bios but there is no option to flash the bios. I look forward to your help.
The bios is 5.13 Version 2.19.1268 (2019) ami. Thank you

Hello, is it not showing the screen now?

Yes, only efi shell, like linux i think, i type exit and enter the bios, i tested options but nothing happens, always boot in efi shell, i tried to put a hdd 2.5 with windows 10 and nothing. if i put a usb with windows installation it boot from the pendrive but freezes. Thanks

What can i must do? i cant solve the problem

press ctrl + alt + del when the problem occours. my chuwi does the same, it’s due to a defective disk i think, but pressing ctrl alt del windows boots!

I’ve got exactly the same problem. Ctrl alt only resets the box and you land back in the linux screen.
I tried installing an ssd to load windows onto it but the windows screen just freezes trying to load.
From what i can see, the box doesn’t recognize any drives

I’m also running bios v5.13.
Its a complete brick at the moment.