Windows 10 and Android SD Dual Boot

HI, I want to share my experience on having both OS. The first thing I did with my hi10x was to get rid of the w10 basic , it really sucks. I tried a lot of full and lite versions and the best was W10 Ghost Spectre. It’s really light and full funcionality, and all driver are working. Now I have enough free space and super smooth os.
For android, I havent try to use both os on the ssd, instead I am using it from the SD slot because I wasnt sure if android was fully compatible with the hardware. I tried a couple of android os for PC versions, most of them have problems with drivers support (not working touch screen, camera, etc) but Prime OS worked pretty well on my chuwi. it’s really fluid, I can even play android games on it, considering the SD slot speed I think it works pretty good. The only failing thing is the auto rotation, Prime OS doesnt detect the gsensor (non android os detected it), so I had to use manual rotation, its not a big deal, all the rest is working pretty good, including the touch screen .
I am sharing this because there are a lot of questions about dual boot, w10 versions and android support, and maybe this will help some one who wants to try something different with its chuwi. Have fun!

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i wrote the prime 2.1.3 .iso into a tf card,

but my hi10x and hi10xr don’t recognize it as bootable and thus not show up even in the bios!


let me trouble shoot,
could be the image 's problem