I've made a big mistake

I’ve gotten irritated by the Bootloader of x86, due to the fact that i wanted to install android on it ( wich didn’t work btw ) that i’ve tried to use 1 of my Windows dvd on a portable dvd player to reinstall Windows. After removing all the partitions and creating a new 1, i cant install windows no more. It’s complaining about GPT and Fat32 and whatnot. I hope that i can fix my issue here :sleepy: can anyone help me to tell me what i can do? I don’t have a copy of the image of my Windows 10. So i’m stuck.

I hope to hear fast from anyone.

Greetings from The Netherlands,


Here is original windows and tutorial

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Thank you very much, i have 1 last question tho. Is it possible to install android on my Hi10x? I got a Q128G20010671 and i would like to have Android dual boot with windows 10 if it’s possible. I hope to hear from you, Thank you for your help.

Sorry, but dual boot is not possible on your tablet. You could try installing an Android emulator on Windows like genymotion, nox or bluestacks

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Thank you Mamonegra222.

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