Chuwi hi12 x5 Z8300 dual boot reinstall Android and Windows 10

Hello guys i need your help please. :slight_smile:

My cousin recently gave me this dual os tablet Chuwi hi12 with z8300 cpu. Serial Q64G45160403256…
I’ve been trying to install Win10 on it, following instructions from this site. Soo i’ve hit a bump… The Android is installed and works fine. It has BIOS but no windows 10. So I’ve made bootable usb with the latest home edition of windows but on the 2.0 usb port it won’t boot. It works on the 3.0 port but my keyboard won’t work on the 2.0 port either. And just when it gets to the part where i should choose language i can’t hit next… Should i change some settings in the bios? Please Help :slight_smile:
Thanks alot

P.S. Also if you can link me android, bios, windows 10 and drivers for my tablet I’ll be greatly thankful.

All the best :slight_smile:

Also when i hit F7 for several times i get only two options Android AP and enter setup, regardless if my pen drive is in the 3.0 port or the 2.0 port. I’ve been trying for weeks now with no success I’ve been scrolling the internet but there is no topic for this problem. I only managed to boot by pressing the power button then selecting the Boot to Windows option with the pen drive in 3.0 port.

Do not touch any settings on the Bios.
Try plugging a mouse into port 2.0 to see if with it you can select the necessary steps for installation.
If it does not work, everything seems to indicate that port 2.0 is broken, so I advise you to use a hub to connect to port 3.0 and plug both the pendrive and the keyboard.

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Thanks man! :smiley:
I was afraid that might be the problem. I’ll try with the hub tomorrow and I’ll let you know if it was successful.

One more thing, sorry :slight_smile:
Is this all i need for my model hi12?

The screen is from this link: [Hi12] [Official Version][Dualboot] Chuwi Hi12 Android, Remix, Windows, Bios, driver

If so, how can i flash the remix? And how to use the “flash-no-erase-all.json” file ?

Thanks a lot man! :smiley:

Hello. I managed to install windows 10 but now my android won’t work… :(((

Is there any guide on how can i flash a fresh android and do a correct windows installation?


It is referred to the Hi10 Pro, but it is the same.


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Thank you mate. :slight_smile: Now i just need to find the time :smiley: I’ll update when i manage to get it done. Thanks a lot!