[Hi10] - how to restore dual boot?

Some time ago a friend of mine changed something on my tablet to save space but I have same space (in W10) without android boot. Is it possible to restore both Android and W10 to the factory set ?
My serial is Q64G42160501520 and was not able to find anything

Are you absolutely sure that your tablet was dualboot? Because of your serial number, it doesn’t seem like it. Please confirm if you had double system on your tablet before doing anything

Hi manonegra222 I’m completely sure about dual boot capabilities. I bought from Amazon some year ago and used android only for gaming. Now I should use for my RC airplane application.
I have the option to boot Win or Android by pressing volume, but as I try to boot android it remains stuck at Intel logo. I have also a lot of partition in my SSD that use up to 15 Gb and the switchNow icon.
I confirm dual boot option on my Hi10 can you please give links for complete restore and some indications on how to do?

Hello manonegra222. I have Hi 10 also. Serial #Q64G42160500763. I purchased in 2016 through Gearbest. I can confirm that my tablet is definitely Dual boot. I have an issue with the Windows 10 partition. When I try to boot to Win10 the unit gets stuck in a loop for a looong time. So long that I just put the unit down and come back an hour or so later at which time I can then boot to android.
Are you able to supply flash files and instructions for windows partition so that I can fix this fault?

Before installing the complete system, I would try to recover Windows using a Windows 10 pendrive with the media creation tool, downloaded from the Microsoft website.
Once you have it, you must start the tablet by pressing F7 intermittently on the keyboard (with any USB keyboard connected to the tablet) and select the pendrive in the boot selection menu.
The Windows setup program will start and you should select Troubleshoot, Advanced, Startup Repair.
If it does not recover like that, write again and I will give you the tutorial and the necessary roms

Hi manonegra222. Thank you for your response. Since my first contact I contacted chuwi support and they sent me a link to mediafire

that gave me rar files for the windows 10 partition on my Chuwi Hi10. They also sent me a “How to” guide for the installation (that I cannot attach as it is in wrong format) that I make available here
I extracted both rar files to the one USB. Not exactly sure why there was a second rar file as a number of files in #2 where already included in #1. I then copied “bootmgr” and “bootmgr.efi” from my windows 10 Pro PC to the USB . The file structure was - USB_Files
Inserted the USB key into Hi10 and connected a USB keyboard. Depressed the F7 key and the power-on key of the Hi10 at the same time. Boot screen appeared as follows
Selected UEFI option and after 30- 45 second time the following error message appeared
So all up I have made no progress and I would appreciation if you could give me some guidance on where to turn next.

Sorry I didn’t answer earlier, but I’ve been on vacation.
In the case that the installation program of the Chuwi Windows rom cannot be started, I would try to repair the Windows startup of the tablet, using a pendrive with Windows 10, with the media creation tool, downloaded from the web Microsoft official, typing in the search engine “get Windows 10”.
Once you have it, you just have to start in the same way, with the pendrive on and pressing F7 intermittently and in the menu select the pendrive. The Windows installation menu will start and you must select “troubleshoot” “startup repair”. If the problem is fixed, you can try to reinstall the Chuwi Windows rom

No problems. You do a great job and deserve any break you can get. I will try your advice and see how I go.


Well I had no success with that process. Error message appeared again as per attached,

What would I need to do if I just wanted to convert my tablet to android only and reclaim the disk space currently occupied by windows ie deleted the windows system?

Forgot the attachment. Here it is