Windows successfully re-installed, but small problem

I’ve successfully re-installed Windows on my HI10 tablet and all seems to work OK except for the sound, I have none, speaker icon has an ‘x’ on it and when clicked trouble shooter starts but can’t detect the problem. I used the Windows 10 1711 version from here, was this the correct one for mine? The model is CW1515 and s/n Q64G42161205531. I have the ‘all drivers’ download too but that didn’t install properly, so still no sound. Mine isn’t the pro or plus version just an older HI10 bought in 2018 and it’s been a great little machine until a boot loop occurred a couple of days ago. I followed the tutorial without a problem, but I would like the sound back (I miss the Star Trek TNG computer sounds, lol). I have the optional keyboard so it makes things a little easier, tablet or small laptop and dual boot is a bonus.

The other is the ‘switch to android’ link is missing from desktop as well, not a big problem, just inconvenient.

Any advice gratefully received. Thanks in advance.

dualboot or Windows only?

It’s still dual boot, the problem was with Windows only, Android boots and works as it did.
Question - will the reset Windows option (now I can boot to Windows) restore the original version or does the new install over write the Windows restore partition (original files on hidden partition) on the eMMC drive? I have only restored the Windows, not bios or Android.

The new installation is placed on top of the previous one, so a restore will revert to the state of the beginning with that second installation. To return to the original that came on the tablet, you must install the Windows rom from the official thread of this forum

Can you point me to the file(s) I need to download to restore factory installation (for CW1515 and s/n Q64G42161205531) please? I may have installed the wrong version but I can do it again.

I’m asking because there are many different files on here but not in the same place and not indexed for the different models. If there was a post with all the models listed and the correct install files listed by relevant models it would make it lot easier to find what I need.

I have spent more time trying to find the right downloads from here than I’ve spent re-installing Windows (which may be the wrong version for my tablet). If they were listed properly I wouldn’t have to spend (waste) so much extra time looking and finding incorrect files.

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Well, I finally got it done after trying for many days, and loading Windows 3 times completely from scratch, what a PITA. Why can’t Chuwi supply the original image files for install? Like the one that was on the tablet from the factory? All the downloads are just different versions (builds) of Win10 which was a waste of time, I have a Win10 disk too, I should’ve just copied that to a memory stick and installed it, it would’ve been quicker. If I get the time next week I’ll post what I did, but I have to go work tomorrow so I’ll be going to bed soon. G’night all.

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OK, as promised, now I’ve posted what I did to fix my HI10, I’ve started a new thread here: Windows successfully reinstalled on HI10 CW1515

It’s a bit long so get yourselves a cuppa and a snack before you start reading it :stuck_out_tongue:

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