Hi 10 JUST Android

Hi, I have tried to install just Windows 10 on my Hi10 Pro Model number CW1529, HQ64G42170905559, but it runs way too slowly and will not download. So I will try just Android. Can anyone tell me if they have done this, which version the used and how please.

Hi10 Pro Android (2017.07):

It is not something that I advise since, Android is version 5.1, which is already very outdated, does not receive even security updates and some applications, increasingly, from the play store, will stop working.
My advice is the opposite, keep Windows 10, as it is a system that works very well on the tablet and receives updates frequently.

Hi Manonegra, that’s a very convincing argument. So why will my copy of Windows 10 not download then? I’ve tried it with updates, Google Chrome and Firefox ~ all fail to download but my desktop on the same network reports 29.5 mgbs of broadband !

Nothing heard…
I’ve ran SFC and reset the PC all to no avail. Nothing will download still although the speed shows 31.5 mgb and bu66ered about will all sorts of settings. Nothing works.
Anybody get any other suggestions?

If your Windows works on the tablet, I would obtain a copy of the drivers through the doubledriver application, freely available on the internet. Once you have that copy of the drivers, the next thing is to get a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 10 Home, obtained from the official Microsoft page, following the instructions in this tutorial to remove Android and leave only Windows

I have the drivers, I have removed Android, I
have installed Windows 10, the TF slot still does not work and
so MUST be defective, the updates still will not download.


once Windows is installed, you must, also with the double driver app, install the drivers and everything should work again

I have INSTALLED ALL the drivers. The only ones that WON’T install are those pertaining to the defective TF card slot. The internet is VERY slow, even a simple page takes a couple of minutes to load.

Hi, the screen is not working (ie no touch) so I am resetting as we write! :grimacing:

Done ~ still no touch screen!

Final reset~ if this doesn’t work I’ll bin it and buy an HP.

Looks like an HP then… :roll_eyes:

So I’m off to buy an HP ~ all for the sake of one lousy driver that Chuwi should have provided but couldn’t. That’s because they are incompetent, lazy and indifferent to the needs of their customers and quality of their products. Which is why I’m going to HP. Chuwi ~ you should be ashamed of yourselves…

I think you shouldn’t blame Chuwi for your competition by modifying or reinstalling operating systems. Maybe you should look in the mirror