Windows 10 Home on new U Book X will not activate

I am hoping there is someone from CHUWI monitoring these forums. I recently purchased a new U Book X from Amazon and Windows 10 Home will not activate. Microsoft activation servers say the key is bad. I pulled the key from the registry and tried putting it in manually but that did not work. I emailed about the problem and included a screen shot of the failed activation along with a copy of the invoice from Amazon but have not heard anything back yet. That was several days ago.

If there is someone from CHUWI monitoring this forum, please assist.

Thank you.

Hello, the key stored in the registry is an OEM key from Chuwi. This can only be activated if the appropriate certificate is installed in the BIOS.

If you still have the Windows installation from the delivery and do not reinstall it, either the certificate in the BIOS is not available or is invalid.

In this case, I would contact Chuwi via Amazon support. Amazon often exchanges a replacement device on its own initiative.

If CHUWI support does not respond to an email to then how is there going to be support if the tablet fails within the warrantee period and needs to be serviced? If I need to contact Amazon then it is to return the tablet for a refund.

I’ve seen other people with the same issue on these forums and they indicated that CHUWI provided a valid windows key.

If there is anyone from CHUWI monitoring these forums, please respond.

You need to contact If you have problem with the windows activation

I did, as I said in my original post, five days ago now. The problem is they are not responding and I am hoping that some one from CHUWI actually monitors these forums.

I have emailed SIX TIMES over past 10 days for very same problem and RECEIVED NO RESPONSE!! This appears to be their normal practice in producing product with INVALID MICROSOFT WINDOWS product keys! No problems with the product as received but SERVICE AT CHUWI apparently DOES NOT EXIST!!!

I already described it to you above. Claim it on Amazon. Amazon has a guarantee for this.
Amazon will either contact Chuwi and get them a key or send them a replacement device.
I hope it’s not too late for that.

The direct contact to the Chuwi support via email is unfortunately not the best.

If it is already too late for a complaint via Amazon, there are only 2 ways.

  1. Wait and hope that Chuwi will answer
  2. Buy a license yourself on Amazon / Ebay. They are available from Amazon Germany for as little as € 17