"wireless update" 20190919- 2616

Anyone know what the new Wireless Update is? It’s 1.08 gb, so maybe a security update? We have to flash back to stock rom, if we’re rooted? to install the wireless update, right?

I have not received it in mine. Does your Hi9 Plus have the power button in red?

no, I have the original, black button I’m also rooted and don’t know if I flash the stock rom and this wireless update if I can re-root. Also is this a security update? It must be because 1.08gb. I will not intall until I can figure out if I can keep root. I thought there were no more updates per YOU

The installed system is Android 8.0 stock, so I understand that System Security updates will be received. What will not be is update to Android 9

Please I need the update for red button Tablet

I am finally able to report I have installed the wireless update 20190919-2616. It seems identical to the last update with June 5, 2018 as the security patch level date.The only difference I can tell is it’s Custom build version _v1.0_20190919 on the about tablet page

How to get this update?? I received an update but it was about 55mb?
Do is still get the Ota?

Tried to flash the firmware on the Chuwi forum but that’s the old one. Please help?

I have red button version.