Hi9 pro android update

hi I’ve been trying to investigate this but I cannot find anything online and I was hoping someone could help me is there any updates to update the Android system on the hi9 pro or are you just stuck with the system it was bought with?

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What version does your tablet have?

Mine has:

Do you know these links?
[Official Version] Chuwi Hi9 Pro Bios - only for the red power button

  1. Chuwi Hi9 Pro
    Hi9 Pro Android Firmware download: (before serial number 201901 )
    Hi9 Pro Android Firmware download: ( after serial number 201901
    Latest Hi9 Pro Flash Tool download:
    Chuwi Hi9Pro Dualboot driver_32/64 bit download:

Hi thanks for your reply, I have found the version hi9 pro that I have now I have the issue I’ve downloaded all the updates how do I actually install them onto my tablet? Cheers

The tablet comes with an android from this topic, there is no need to reflash android if you have no problem with system.

Yes, 20180801 is your serial number. 201901 is the first six serial number.