[Hi9 Pro] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi9Pro Andorid,Flashtool,driver download

[Official Version] Chuwi Hi9 Pro Bios - only for the red power button

  1. Chuwi Hi9 Pro

Hi9 Pro Android Firmware download: (before serial number 201901 )

Hi9 Pro Android Firmware download: ( after serial number 201901 )HI9PRO 20190105_o OGS

Latest Hi9 Pro Flash Tool download:


Chuwi Hi9Pro Dualboot driver_32/64 bit download:


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Thanks for sharing :smiley:
But where can I find the serial number? I searched around but I can’t find anything like 201901…

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You can find the serial number on the back of Hi 9 Pro, in Settings, or on product packaging.

There is nothing on the back of my tablet, only model number, on the packaging there is only IMEI numbers, and in settings I have Hi9proR32G and 9 numbers, but which numbers should I check to know which version to download?

Then, try to find it on sim card tray.

Inside the card tray I got the same numbers than I get on the box or in the settings menu, but again, it has nothing to do with the 201901 number you are talking about. I have Hi9proR32G followed by 9 numbers. The last numbers, written SN on some stickers is 460…
Are you sure those roms are for the Hi9Pro?

Nevermind, I figured out, it’s not 201901 but 1901 we have to search (without the 20), mine was indeed newer (1904)

Anyway, Try this link if your boot button is red:

After flashing i have problem with battery
It says that it is loaded full but when take off the cable it turn off after a few seconds.
Also the recovery mode is not possible, it says that there is no command.

The firmware you posted, are they the latest ones?
I have a hi9 pro with red power button and downloaded the one you described for red button

When Installing the File you posted for redbutton (mine is with redbutton) then the tablet does not react to touch.

It starts up but i cant navigate on it, the touch does not work.

Please contact aftersale@chuwi.com

Hello! It seems that the links for the drivers and for the flash tool are broken. Is there any other place I can download them? Thanks in advance.

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Is there a tutorial on flashing the Chuwi Hi9 Pro?

Hi Support,

I purchased my Hi9 Pro and I am the original owner, I am trying to follow your instruction to download the FlashTool and reload the firmware to my Hi9 Pro, but the download link (Flashtool) is no longer valid.
Would you help to upload the tools and renew the download link?
Many thanks for your help.