[Hi9 Plus] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi9 Plus Android, Driver, flashtool Download

[Official Version] Chuwi Hi9 Plus Android, Driver, flashtool Flash instuction Download
1.The serial number before 1901XXX (Black Power Botton)Download:

Driver : MTK+Android+Driver+All-in-One

Flash instruction:

2. The serial number After 1901XXX(Red Power botton) Download:


Driver :


Flash instruction:


When opened, the “Flash instruction … .DOCX” is captioned “Flash instruction for Chuwi Hi9 (AIR)”. Is it applicable to Hi9 PLUS?

the method is the same, the files are different

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Thanks for the very prompt reply.

The link to the “Flashtools” seems to be invalid as MediaFire returns “File Access was invalid”. Please check.

Hi, when I try to insert the scatter loading file it gives me error:status_scatter_file_invalid (0xC0030001), I have a chuwi hi 9 plus with red power botton (so i downloaded the right firmware) and i also have downloaded the sp flash tool version that you have written and of course installed the drivers. How can i fix this? tnx

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Hey there,
So after downloading the files above when I try to load the scatter file within SP Flashtool I get the error message

And then im unable to proceed.

quick fix for ERROR: STATUS_SCATTER_FILE_INVALID (0xC0030001):

simply rename the folder containing the ROM image with a short common name like ‘firmware’



open scatter.txt file with notepad and remove the upper starline!Save.Done.

Szia. Megoldódott már a problémád?

nem sajnos Scatter file invalid

An error has occurred (0xC0030001). I renamed the folder with ROM, without Chinese characters, after that I had a Scatter file read without errors.

Доброго времени суток!
Скажите, прошивка подходит на модель Chuwi Hi 9 plus 128gb/4gb, red Power botton?
За ранее спасибо!

Если у вас серийный номер 1901XXX и выше, то для вас подходит прошивка во втором пункте.

Проверьте ссылку на Flash Tools для черной кнопки - она не рабочая. Ссылка для красной работает. Как я понимаю, проги идентичны.

Обычно флештул выше версии 5.0 не имеет каких-то специфичных модификаций и подходит для любых устройств, но можно уточнить.

@Management ,can you confirm that flashtool for red and black button are the same? If not please update link for black power button flashtool :pray:

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Hi, error:status_scatter_file_invalid (0xC0030001)problem solved.
Just copy the ROM to C:

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@Management Hi can you provide me a firmware for red button here is my SN: 2957. I downloaded the firmware you posted above but unfortunately the IMEI numbers are no longer correct for my device and I cant connect to 4G LTE. Thank you…

2957 is not SN. You can find it under the device.

I think this is the SN: 128G19122957 please help… After factory reset, the device cannot detect my sim, that’s why I flashed the firmware for red button you posted above but I have now a different IMEI and I cannot connect to 4G.