CHUWI HI10 PRO version Android

Hello, I need to please rom CHUWI HI10 PRO
For this version:!

4, The serial number for HQ64G421707 Download:
Hi10 Pro Android (2017.07):

Hi10 Pro Windows(2017.07):

Thank you . I have a question how to install the windows?

If what you want is only to reinstall with the Windows of the forum, whose link I have placed above, you just have to download the compressed files and unzip them in the root directory of a pendrive, of at least 16GB formatted in NTFS and to which you must name WINPEOnce you have them, you must turn on the tablet, with the pendrive connected, pressing F7 intermittently until a boot selection window comes out. In it choose the pendrive and an automatic process will begin that must end with a green background screen with the installation completed. Once finished, restart and Windows will be installed.

.thank you dear friend