CHUWI HI10 PRO version Android

Hello, I need to please rom CHUWI HI10 PRO
For this version:!

4, The serial number for HQ64G421707 Download:
Hi10 Pro Android (2017.07):

Hi10 Pro Windows(2017.07):

Thank you . I have a question how to install the windows?

If what you want is only to reinstall with the Windows of the forum, whose link I have placed above, you just have to download the compressed files and unzip them in the root directory of a pendrive, of at least 16GB formatted in NTFS and to which you must name WINPEOnce you have them, you must turn on the tablet, with the pendrive connected, pressing F7 intermittently until a boot selection window comes out. In it choose the pendrive and an automatic process will begin that must end with a green background screen with the installation completed. Once finished, restart and Windows will be installed.

.thank you dear friend

could you please upload just the drivers?

Of course, but you should only install them if you have any problem with any of them

Actually i flashed a new image of ltsb and i have problems with the touchscreen… I would appreciate it… Thanks

you must put your serial number since there are several versions

It’s hq64g42171000510

Hi10 Pro Android (2017.07):

Hi10 Pro Windows(2017.07):

The touch screen doesn’t seem to work correctly… It’s a little off… I try to calibrate but i get nothing… Any ideas?

Android or Windows?.

Windows 10 Ltsb with the drivers you uploaded

Hi ,
i reinstalled Android using Intel Tool and Official ROM for Hi10 Pro. After that my touchscreen is not working in android. i tried twice but no luck. How can i fix it ? Also my windows icon is not there in the start menu anymore. Is my windows gone and will my touch not work without windows ?

Can you provide Windows,Android and Dual boot files for my Hi10 Pro Serial no below. Plz help me i like my chuwi so much!!

Chuwi Serial No : Hi 10 HQ64G42161207104

You installed wrong version.

Perhaps you did the repartition when flashed android.

Hi10 Pro § Z8350CPU Android Download: … 28P%29_20161103.rar
Hi10 Pro § Z8350CPU Windows Download:


i downloaded same “Android Hi10 pro § 20161103.rar” and installed but still no luck.

Update : touch screen seems to working but calibration is wrong. When i scoll vertical it moves horizontal and vice versa. I tried from “Show Touch Pointer”. Also autorotate is wrongly changing orientation ( showing portraid in landscape mode and vice versa)


I installed TWRP but touchscreen is dead in that.Only USB mouse working. What could be wrong ?

Any problems with the touchscreen in android are connected with the wrong firmware. Try other firmware.

if password is required -

Thanks, 1st one i have already tried. 2nd one i am trying right now. Can wrong firmware cause Autorotate to work incorrectly as well ? i think my sensors are not working fine.