Chuwi Hi8 pro update

Hi everyone,
I own a Chuwi Hi8 Super tablet running Android 4.4.4.
I’m exploring options to update it to a newer Android version, preferably the latest available.
Any advice or guidance on how to do this would be highly appreciated.
The tablet’s serial number is HI8 Q32G22160602641.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Maybe @manonegra222 have some instructions saved, if its also needed tell me and i ask for the drivers,

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I’m sorry, but the processor that equips the Chuwi Hi8 does not support another higher version of Android since Intel abandoned the release of Android drivers for that processor.


Hi Rafael
Thanks for your reply.
Is there any option to install Windows instead of Android?
Thanks in advance!

It’s possible to install Windows 10

It will be really appreciated if you could share any guidance for this process.

You must follow the instructions on this link:

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@manonegra222 my apologies, I’ve just noticed this tutorial is for dualboot tablets. But my tablet has only Android. Is there another tutorial for such case?