Adding an external ethernet port to a LarkBox

Is there a way to add an external ethernet port to a LarkBox? I have a USB-C hub that works with laptops to add extra ports (ethernet, HDMI, USB, SD, VGA, audio). The USB-C port on the hub can handle power. But when I connected it to the LarkBox and then connected the LarkBox’s USB-C power cable to the hub, nothing happened (i.e., no power.) Is it because the power requirement of the LarkBox is incompatible with the hub?

I have a USB hub and they have a different powersupply. If you use the powersupply of your larkbox to power your hub that is not powerfull enough. You need a higher amperage or the powersupply that belongs to the hub!

Be careful with that!

The type-C port on the larkbox is for power only, you might kill your larkbox trying another power supply and you migth kill your hub using larkbox’s power supply.

You may try an USB A adapter instead.


Thanks. I was able to do it with a USB-A adapter to add an ethernet connection.