Powering Larkbox

I have a LarkBox and I would like to power it from a dual port USB C PD charger.
I have a CHOETECH PD100W 2-45W Port USB C Charger but the LarkBox does not power up when connected.

Can anyone say why?
Can anyone recommend a dual port USB C charger that will work?


Please refer to another topic here.
TL;DR: LarkBox uses a “fake” Type-C port that has nothing to do with USB, so you need a clever cable that tricks PD to provide the necessary amount of power.

That’s interesting, thanks.
Somehow I need a cable with USB-C at both ends.
So I either need to know how to replace one end of the cables in the link or what to search for, i.e. what are the properties I need in the cable.

Just visit that link again and read carefully, there are links to two things: a trigger cable Type-C to barrel male, and a barrel female to Type-C adapter. If you combine those two, you’ll get what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

Good solution!
I should pay attention :slight_smile:

I have bought a few of these cable adapters off of eBay (link below). All of them have worked in powering my Larkbox. It allows me to use the standard 12 volt power supplies I use to power external hard drive caddies. (FYI, I am writing this post using my Larkbox being powered by a normal 12 volt adapter using this cable adapter.)

Good Luck