AeroBook 13.3'' - keyboard configuration (enter/return, numlock, power)

Information for others who may run into similar problems:


AeroBook 13.3''
Core™ m3-6Y30
8GB+256GB × 1

After installing Linux (arch) and running into problems with terminal apps and emacs I finally discovered, that my unit has enter configured as KP_enter (keypad enter). Not so pretty but effective hack for xorg → put

xmodmap -e "keycode 104 = Return"

into .xprofile, or execute then line in terminal in xorg (you need to have xmodmap installed).

Other peculiarities on the keyboard settings:

  • Fn + right shift works as numlock key
  • Top row works primary as F* keys and other with Fn, except F12 which works as F12 with Fn
  • Powering on requires holding the Power Button for ~3s