Aerobook Keyboard Problem

My Aerobook is very young at 6 months age. I am now experiencing troubles with my keyboard. Last month, my FN Keys (Function keys) stopped working already that is why I cannot use my backlit keyboard anymore. Now, some of my keyboard letters stopped working already. Like numbers 2, 4, 5, 7, 0, + and Backspace and some other letters too. I do not know what is causing this as right now I am using an external Bluetooth keyboard to type this very concern. I hope I can still fix this as I am not in the position now to buy a new laptop.


Wow. Exactly what happened to my Aerobook 2 days ago. SAME KEYs that are not working. 2,4,5,7,0,+. That is not a coincidence. Something might have been changed on the backend. My Aerobook is just about 5 to 6 months old.

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No reply yet from Chuwi? I hope someone from @management can respond to this issue.

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I emailed them like a month ago regarding my backlit keyboard FN keys and they responded once. And nothing since then when replied to their query.

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Vendre c’est une chose, mais si le service après vente ne répond pas pour ce type de problème, Chuwi perdra rapidement ses clients et sa réputation sera vite mise en cause.

Pour rappel (je m’adresse à Chuwi) qu’il est plus vite fait de perdre que de gagner des clients.

Le problème est que ‘normalement’ on ne devrait pas utiliser la touche ‘FN’ pour activer le backlight comme sur les autres laptops de grande marque.

Ceci ne semble pas préocuper Chuwi qui n’a toujours pas répondu sur ce post.

Bref, il n’y a pas beaucoup d’espoir.

If you post your problem on Facebook, maybe Chuwi will react. (because reputation)

Good luck

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Prova a usare la tastiera su schermo, per vedere che non sia un problema di software.
Altra soluzione è rimandare il PC alla Chuwi.
Peccato che assistenza non risponde, perderanno molti clienti.