Aerobook pro CW1510 keeps rebooting, please wait, preparing automatic repair

We bought this new Aerobook pro CW1510

It keeps rebooting. after it starts a with circle starts moving and it will say: please wait then often it reboots and the second time it says: preparing automatic repair. Then it reboots again and

We’ve been trying to enter the bios, but it doesn’t seem to work.

If we hold down keys like F8 or Esc, sometimes it seems to reach the Windows Log in screen. But then after a few seconds it reboots again. We also managed the reach the F* windows screen, but we don’t have the advanced option menu there/ we only have 3 options.

And 1 time we got a BSOD, but it went too fast to see the actual error code.

The laptop worked well for 2 months and it has been off been off for 2 days and now shows this behavior.

Can you please assist?


Try create a USB Recovery Drive and boot from it to run all diagnostic tools. Usually this is a corrupted windows file.


Thanks for your reply.

We don’t have a second computer availible to create this usb drive at. Also I’m not able to enter the BIOS to change the settings to load from USB Drive? Or are the standard settings so that it will load from the USB stick before checking the SSD partition (so I don’t need to change anything in my BIOS)?

What is the correct key to enter the BIOS? We tried DEL, ESC, F7, F12, F8, F5 but i could not enter the BIOS.

Same problem here. Waiting for a good response.

same issue here. does anyone has solution to this problem? thank you