Android 8.1 - Oreo-x86 on a Chuwi Hi12

The Android-x86 project announced the Android 8.1 R2 to public. The prebuilt images are available in the following site:

My question is: Can anybody provide instructions how to install the downloaded android-x86_64-8.1-r2.iso onto a Chuwi Hi12?

I assume this is a valid question, since Chuwi Hi12 ought to be an x86 based Intel platform. Exactly what the Android 8.1 - Oreo-x86 project is designed for.

Any answer should include how to set the BIOS parameters on Chuwi Hi12 to boot from external USB DVD or USB stick, and next steps.

Please share your experiences if you have successfully done this and got Android 8.1 - Oreo-x86 running on a Chuwi Hi12.