Are there any updates to the ubook pro bios?

hi, are there any updates to the ubook pro bios?

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i have proved it already but i have not received answer

My ubook pro has problems, after a while I use the keyboard it takes the same letter several times and the touchpad goes crazy after a while and the arrow moves elsewhere when I use the touchpad, to make everything work again you always have to disconnect and reconnect it; I have already updated the driver available on the keyboard. Moreover I noticed that watching videos, even on the internet, they pause by themselves; every now and then it is as if the pc detects in clicks I don’t know if on the touchpad or on the touchscreen

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Based on your description, you shouldn’t look for a BIOS, but to replace your keyboard.

It almost sounds to me like you have a dirty keyboard. Have you tried to clean the keyboard and touchpad? If not, you should try to clean it in a safe manner. Try vacuuming/blowing out the keyboard, turn the keyboard upside down and tap the keys. You can search the Internet for a variety of ways to clean keyboards safely. Also, you might want to clean the connection between the keyboard and tablet to make sure it has a good solid connection. Make sure there is nothing obstructing along the keyboard/tablet connection.

Another thing to try is to disable the touchpad and use an external mouse to see if that resolves your issue.

The keyboard is clean and the pc is only two months old, using a wireless mouse does not have the problems that the touchpad gives after a while

This is a typical problem with chinese keyboards. I purchased a new keyboard withwarranty and this happened. I was abroad I could not do anything. luckily it was a Dell laptop so could get the new keyboard. This time, I purchased a cheap chinese keyboard without any warranty but it is running well. With Chuwi, this is not possible.