Battery dead around 50%

Good day! Hi! I just recently bought a lapbook pro last month, October, so the day before yesterday, my laptop randomly hard shutdown around 50%. I cannot turn it on until I charge it. I can only use it for 2 hours maximum. My laptop is still under warranty and I will get to fix it and replaced its battery. However, my concern is that how can I guarantee that this will not happen again to the laptop? The laptop tends to be hot when used. Don’t you think that its heating affects the battery’s life? If it does, how do I prevent it from happening again. Please also take note that I do not use it when its plugged in and I don’t overcharge it and I do not let it overheat, I always make sure that the bottom is well ventilated. I hope you can answer my question regarding to this matter. I truly admire your product but as a costumer I would like to raise this issue as much as possible so that you can properly provide a solution. I also emailed to your email.