Battery issues only charging to 73%

I was ready to buy a new battery (available on AliExpress) my tablet was only used very briefly and was only 6 months old but was already a replacement for the 1st one that developed a USB problem in just a few weeks.

So warranty was never going to happen, plus as you all know getting a reply from Chuwi about anything is not going to happen.

Since I have a stack of useless tablets laying around I decided to see if I had a battery that would fit. I removed the back cover and removed the existing battery. I had planned on reusing the original strip that connects the batteries to the main computer using the original 5 pin wire harness. So I removed the black plastic encasement that holds the battery in place. I examined my choices of batteries I had and found several on AliExpress that would work just in case my idea failed.

I was distracted from the battery swap for a week and today decide to get it done. After some contemplation I decided to put the old battery back in without the holder piece. I felt that the holder may be the problem due to heat build up or something.

I snapped the back in place and on the charger it went. Within a minute I was up to 80% and after an hour it’s now fully charged again!

I can’t see how mine could be the only one that works now that the holder is gone so you might want to try this out before you go looking for a new battery!

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