Battery Lapbook Air

My Lapbook Air 14.1 is defect and vacature I did not back up I’ve lost all my data.

I think the battery gave out. Last time it turned on the battery was discharging and could not charge.

I wanted to try to replace the battery but if it’s not charging and the new battery is empty it will not work.

So I was looking to buy a new Lapbook Air to try a fully charged battery. But it went out of production.

My questions are:
Is there any way to get the data from the SSD on the motherboard of my Lapbook Air.

Is the battery of the Lapbook Pro 14.1 compatible with the Lapbook air 14.1? They look the same to me but I am not sure about the connector.

Many thanks! Any advise is much appreciated.


You can find the battery for the LapBook Air here: -85b3-2e47b8d92085-0 & btsid = 0be3743b15871424266132576e4d2b & ws_ab_test = searchweb0_0, searchweb201602_, searchweb201603_

Thank you. I considered getting just a battery but if my laptop is not able to charge the battery it will not help.

That’s why I want to buy the same battery in a new laptop so I can get my data and use the new laptop.

Do you know if the battery in the Lapbook pro 14.1 is the same? It looks like that to me. I have the Lapbook air 14.1 (CWI539).