Best laptop for gaming

I was wondering what is your best laptop for gaming/emulation?

Well, it has to be the Corebook X. It’s the most powerful laptop in their store right in front of the Corebook Pro than the Gemibook Pro. Core i5 7267U if I’m not mistaken. Although considering the chip was released in early January new year in 2017 being 3-4 years old and is the 7th generation considering higher generations like the 9th generation. Integrated GPU Iris 650 graphics more powerful than Gemibook Pro GPU (UHD 600 Graphics). It would be very appreciative if Chuwi went to upgrade the Corebook X specs a tad bit to really honor this as their most powerful. But if you’re looking to get the Gemibook Pro, DONT. That type of laptop is for office tasks and business applications. Sure you can run light games like Roblox, but if your thinking to run hard-core games like Fortnite, Rocket League, in 1440p or 1080p go for the higher budget laptop Corebook X. Yes, I will agree the Corebook X needs a bit of a spec upgrade, my suggestions are a new Intel i7 chip or an updated core i5 chip, chuwi being capable to implement an Intel i9 will just be mind-blowing and surprising but highly doubt they have it in them. I mark my case. :slight_smile:

Corebook X - 16gb ram - 8gb vram

No aconsejo ningún laptop para juegos, estos equipos, con refrigeración pasiva no están diseñados para soportar las altas temperaturas que producen los juegos en procesador, memorias y gpu