CoreBook Xe Explanation

Alright, this statement on my behalf was supposed to be brief but I can’t promise that in this case. Let’s start with the newest laptop the Corebook Xe, which will be featuring Intels new GPU (Graphics Card/Graphics Processing Unit) the Intel Iris Xe MAX (DGI). Nonetheless, Chuwi didn’t stop there, also bundled with Intel’s i5 10210U CPU (Computer Processing Unit) card. (All evidence is based on Chuwi’s social media but mines involve Chuwi’s twitter account profile which includes all my proof.)

Before we go into the anticipated part, this topic of interest revolved around providing clarification to those who are confused as there is not one topic in the forum about the Corebook Xe (keyword). I would like to be the first one since nobody here is speaking up about it or their personal opinion accept it saying no results every time I try looking up the new laptop in the search bar for those who are interested stick around, and I hope you can read fast cause its worth the wait guys.

The Corebook Xe will be released in April specifically at the end of this month based on a recent tweet by Chuwi that leaked when we can expect it which is about at the end of the month. Another tweet or “leak” said that this laptop with its specs will give you a premium experience on content creation and gaming performance for all those YouTubers that use adobe premiere pro to edit videos and for all those gaming addicts that are obsessed with their entertainment production specifically no lagging, no buffering, and the best frames rate (FPS -frames per second-).

To sum it up, to end things on a higher note, I saw a comment on Chuwi’s Tweet that I thought was funny due to that Chuwi actually put in the effort to deliver something high-tech and more budget-friendly. Here is the comment in quotes, ** OMG IT’S HAPPENING** FINALLY A CHUWI LAPTOP THAT DOESN’T HAVE A 2 DECADE OLD PROCESSOR**. IM LITERALLY CRYING AND SHAKING RN I LOVE YOU FOR THIS ONE CHUWI"** end quote. Chuwi responded in the quote, "Haha… (laughing emoji) we will try our best to offer a more powerful processor for our devices while ensuring a good price. Thank you for your attention. Please remember to share this exciting news with your friends! It was hilarious. JK. More eye-opening that at least we may be looking at a better future in chuwi laptops.

Although you may be uptight with those deluxe features, this laptop does not ensure you will be getting what’s too good to be true on deluxe smooth gaming. You may not even know if this laptop can run light games at 1080p or heavy games on 720p, so don’t get your hopes up that this is some powerful gaming machine kids. I would just die to see you guys thinking about experiencing 1440p or 2160p (4K) on the laptop… sorry to break your bubble but it will never happen, so be mindful of the games your playing whether being heavy or light and the resolution you will set it at if you want to be satisfied with your FPS (frame rates) and the lag generally. In conclusion, this is a business/work laptop, and you can consider it a decent fair gaming laptop and entertainment laptop FOR ONLY SOME TITLES. But it does say it will fit, meet, and exceed the needs of all types of users so kudos and pros to different parties whether being content creation, gaming, business, or just entertainment you get the idea.

Stating that, “Nimble Xe architecture and Intel’s Deep Link Technology enhances and accelerates video encoding and picture editing.” I think that sentence incorporated fancy words that could just have been broken down in summary, quick, easy & simple words like upscaling or upscaled but make the most out of interesting letters. Alright I think we cleared up most of the spec I would think, but there is more on Chuwi Tweets one saying that the i5 is a 10 generation, so in other words, it’s up to date and we don’t have any crappy pushed behind cpu’s, so this laptop seems to be on time, and in the present day. So that’s a win-win, for those who can’t complain about that one.

The processer will have 4 cores and 8 threads which is just excellent, did I mention turbo-boosting power up to 4.2 GHz, you can’t believe your eyes folks, trust me I would know. Quoting, “Chuwi has taken the next step in engineering a high-performance laptop to bring your ideas to life” according to Chuwi Global Twitter Account. Since that’s out of the way, let’s talk about storage capacity. The RAM contains 8GB DDR4 memory which might be 2-3 years back so there is a reason u can get mad at it, that used to be exciting a long time ago, but now 12 or 16GB is all the talk now on what to expect on. I thought it would at least be 12GB or preferably 16GB but 8 does not sit right with me expecting the most powerful machine on there market, even the Corebook X and the Gemibook Pro is higher than that which is nothing but strange they went with that approach.

It is manageable, for those who browse the web or listen to music, but it’s a different story for gamers, entertainment seekers, work/business people, and content creators. I will allow you to rage. But there may be a glimpse of hope even though those specs coming from the chuwi Twitter account which I would be providing the links to. I did find a secret link website that I discovered through 30 minutes of research, that I am willing to share with you guys… AT THE END OF THE ARTICLE, so make sure to check those links out for a visual appearance… stay tuned. Just dont get too bumed for that RAM capacity of 8GB, maybe it’ll change…?

Okay, now, it has a sharp 15.6 inch IPS fully laminated display, comes with a 15.6-inch FHD display of 1920x1080 resolution and 72%NTSC wide color gamut, but I was expecting coming from a laptop that this company is really bragging about that to the maximum it will have a 2K screen like the Corebook X and the Gemibook Pro as I have been getting fond of comparing this laptop with those set of laptops. But a recent study, saids that it could be expandable like u can customize and modify specs if u want just a IPS screen or a 2K screen, or if you want 8GB or 16GB of RAM, or 512 GB or 256 GB of storage, but it could again be all click bait.

Everything just comes down to price, as Chuwi always delivers when it comes down to the number value so hopefully they want disappoint. 3rd Party Opiniontated assumes that it will come down between $600-$750. Thats a bit too much of a bulky and hefty price point for what your getting in the laptop with the screen and the RAM, as chuwi kept its promise to bring affordable options, this one stands out. Im giving them the benefit of the doubt, that they will be more discriptive on there tactics here.

Copy and Paste these links into your search engine/browser bar, have a good day!

Special Leak Hinting Link: This link saids otherwise that make other information false, as I think this link was supposed to be kept in secret. More for our buck i see.
It has more upgraded specs that is more reasonable for the amount your paying, but does not provide too much information but just the most important ones.

Only 1080p-res after using 2K on several laptops would be a bit disappointing. Corebook Pro has such a nice display for a budget laptop.

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Excellent Point to which I respectively agree. But the RAM is just as bad or disappointing, look at the GemiBook Pro with 12GB of RAM and the Corebook X at 16GB. Chuwi was too caught up in the price of being a budget-friendly laptop, but coming from this ultimate beast makes it seem like, it’s no so powerful. A laptop that has upgraded GPU and CPU than any other laptop on the website, it comes down to the RAM which this laptop was supposed to lead to the pack of chuwi laptops but failed and lacked. The screen resolution display is just as bad but people who like to game and content creators need more RAM than that, they’re not just searching the web browser, but using adobe premiere, steam, Ubisoft, GeForce, Xbox app, or the epic games launcher. Chuwi, we need a RAM upgrade that makes people proud plz!