CoreBook X (2021)

The CoreBook X has been out of stock everywhere for months. Banggood is expecting a new version in April 2021, with an updated Core i5 processor.

I want to buy a CoreBook X, because of it’s excellent 2160x1440 Resolution, but have not seen any information on availability of the old or updated versions of the CoreBook X directly from Chuwi.

When can we expect availability of the CoreBook X?


The truth is that it has not been reported that the Corebook X has ceased to be manufactured, but it is also true that the CoreBook Xe has been launched, with a tenth generation i5 processor although less Ram memory: products / corebook-xe

The CoreBook Xe’s FHD screen is disappointing. I would buy it now if it had the CoreBook X screen, with its 3:2 aspect ratio and 2160x1440 Resolution, which make a BIG difference.

Any chance that someone from Chuwi might comment here on CoreBook X availability?

Chuwi has now released some info on the newer version of the CoreBook X, now with an upgraded 8th gen i5, but only 8gb of memory. A good improvement overall.

I hope this will be available soon, before I need to by a new laptop. It’s the best value, and has the best screen I can find anywhere near this price level. Sad to see Chuwi continue to mix in incorrect photos showing a 13 inch keyboard, and using awkwardly translated text (I hope they will fix that).

Any of Corebook X or Corebook XE has egpu compatibility?

The Corebook will be amazing

Would really like a refreshed version of the Corebook X, with a 11th Gen Intel CPU or a Ryzen 5000 series ultrabook-type CPU. Also 16 GBs of RAM are a must, if you want a great ultrabook. You will pay extra, but it will be worth every penny, especially if you’re on-the-go.