Chuwi CoreBook Pro is officially launched


Chuwi CoreBook Pro is officially launched.


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Will it have a fastest processor in the future?

It certainly will :grinning:

Can I suggest that you add an AMD Ryzen 4700u or 4500u version?

In the market, there are already Lenovo and Acer products being packed with AMD 4500u processor at Corebook Pro price range. Furthermore, there are benchmarks to say that 4700u is topping out Intel 10th generation processors. So it will be good if you can put in an AMD 4500u with NVMe SSD and USB C PD, instead of a 6th generation Intel processors. If cost is an issue, maybe can try out the 4300u which has 4 cores too, but their on board graphics definitely can beat 6th gen intel by miles.

Will chuwi provide further support for the previous generation of CoreBook??? like the cover keyboard !!!

Is it the same rubbish than the Lapbook Plus? Mine lasted just 2 months, then it died. I sent it to China, it took 6 months to return, and it arrived just as it was before, DEAD.
Something similar happened to me with my Chuwi hi12 a few years ago.
Donโ€™t you have any proud in what you are doing?

@Management Can you please provide us all the drivers for corebook pro? Also maybe windows 1909 image.

The first 8 days of October are holidays in China for the celebration of its National Holiday, so you must wait for them to join work.