Better Specs laptops not available in EU store

Why we dont have the better specs Laptops in EU Store?

I can see that we have Corebook X as example which has better specs only available in Global, Spain and/or German store.


We do not have stock anymore of Corebook X in whole Europe. Spain, German and Eu shop, i know because its me who does the Spanish shop.
Are you sure you checked the store, and not the main webshop? because they are different and separate. You can see all the products in the emain web, but when you click fo to the store, you can just see the actual ones that can be bought.

Corebook X is already discontinued that is why we will not produce it anymore. But at the end of this year another version will come. We were supposed to make laptops with better specifications this first quarter, but they are still on production, things delayed. We am sorry for that.

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