bios chuwi hi10 CWI515

I updated the wrong BIOS, by mistake.
Now it doesn’t even turn on.
I have a USB BIOS programmer, and I need the correct bios.
My serial number is: Q64G42160401580.
Where can I get the right bios?

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I found the right bios, and I already have the tablet working again.
thanks to everyone

Now I am having problems with micro sd.
until the first reboot after installing all the drivers, it went well.
Then I get an error 10, and it doesn’t detect the card.
I have restarted several times and sometimes I detect it and sometimes I don’t.
and now directly does not detect it anymore.
I have tried several memories between 8GB and 256GB, which in another chuwi vi10 pro tablet goes perfectly.
something i can do?

You can try to delete driver and install it via windows update or reinstall original driver (sometimes it helps). Or it may be a not right bios. Also you can try to change setting in bios : “chipset>south bridge>lpss & scc configuration>scc sd card support” change “acpi mode” to “PCI” (in this mode don’t hot swap sd card or it may be broken)

Thank you very much, I tried to pass it from acpi to pci, and it has not worked.
I have installed another driver, but it is not …
What are the original drivers?
Ugh, in the attempt many times a thousand … it has worked in pci.
Anyway, if you tell me which are the correct drivers, to have them on hand?
is that I wrote while solving, I hope definitely.
Thanks again

I think you need these drivers (64 bit) or (32/86 bit).

The default programming voltage is 3.3V or 5V ?

For bios flash? 1.8v

Hello, i will use this programmer, and i see that i can set the output voltage to 3.3 or 5 V

Probably flashing bios on 3.3v will be with errors or chip will burn out.

Maybe i need to use also this adapted to control voltage to 1.8V

Yes, this will help with voltage.

I will try this process, seems to be the correct one. I will post my results , let’s see if i can get back my bricked tablet.

Thanks !!