bios chuwi hi10 CWI515

I updated the wrong BIOS, by mistake.
Now it doesn’t even turn on.
I have a USB BIOS programmer, and I need the correct bios.
My serial number is: Q64G42160401580.
Where can I get the right bios?

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I found the right bios, and I already have the tablet working again.
thanks to everyone

Now I am having problems with micro sd.
until the first reboot after installing all the drivers, it went well.
Then I get an error 10, and it doesn’t detect the card.
I have restarted several times and sometimes I detect it and sometimes I don’t.
and now directly does not detect it anymore.
I have tried several memories between 8GB and 256GB, which in another chuwi vi10 pro tablet goes perfectly.
something i can do?

You can try to delete driver and install it via windows update or reinstall original driver (sometimes it helps). Or it may be a not right bios. Also you can try to change setting in bios : “chipset>south bridge>lpss & scc configuration>scc sd card support” change “acpi mode” to “PCI” (in this mode don’t hot swap sd card or it may be broken)

Thank you very much, I tried to pass it from acpi to pci, and it has not worked.
I have installed another driver, but it is not …
What are the original drivers?
Ugh, in the attempt many times a thousand … it has worked in pci.
Anyway, if you tell me which are the correct drivers, to have them on hand?
is that I wrote while solving, I hope definitely.
Thanks again

I think you need these drivers (64 bit) or (32/86 bit).

The default programming voltage is 3.3V or 5V ?

For bios flash? 1.8v

Hello, i will use this programmer, and i see that i can set the output voltage to 3.3 or 5 V

Probably flashing bios on 3.3v will be with errors or chip will burn out.

Maybe i need to use also this adapted to control voltage to 1.8V

Yes, this will help with voltage.

I will try this process, seems to be the correct one. I will post my results , let’s see if i can get back my bricked tablet.

Thanks !!

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Hi Jordi,
did you recover yoy Chuwi Hi10 following those steps?
I’m trying to do the same. I have two bricked Chuwi Hi 10 :frowning:

Hola Jordi! Imagino que ets català amb aquest nom…
Doncs lo dit, vas poder salvar la tablet? Estic mirant de seguir el mateix procés amb dues Chuwi Hi10 que tinc mortes… Gràcies!

Doncs vaig poder fer el reflash de la bios, però res. Deu ser un tema de plaça base, no es pot fer res.

Hi again,
I’m sorry and disapointed, because i Have 2 death Chuwi Hi10.
I’ll try the same method and I’ll let you know. The programmer and the voltage adaptter are expected to arrive this monday, April 20th. Wish me luck and thank you for your answer!

Lo dit, que moltes gràcies, tot i que pinta que no aconseguiré res, però és la meva última bala abans de guardar les tablets en un calaix :(. Ja et diré si aconsegueixo alguna cosa!


Thanks for your help.
I recovered the the functionality of the both tablets using this bios file:
When I used the 5000+ bios file I recovered the charging light but when it was turn on only appeared the Chwui logo, nothing after that.
If someone have any problem maybe I can help.
Take care.

Jordi, si vas poder fer la programació del chip de la bios (que a mi em va costar l meu…) usa aquesta bios que et passo. Amb la de 5000+ no acabava d’encendre. Gràcies i qualsevol cosa em comentes.

I forget to say that with this BIOS file I only have windows now. There’s no bootloader between android or windows now. However, with the 5000+ bio file It doesn’t turn on.