Hi10 AirQ64G19030638 boot from SDcard

Has anyone tried to boot from a microSD card attached to the Chuwi Hi10Air tablet? I managed to boot from the microSD card attached to a USB adapter, but if I insert the microSD card into its slot, it is NOT detected in the BIOS. Has anyone tried anything like this before? Thank you for your time and your answers!

Try this How to Boot SD card or USB drive for Mac and Windows Operating System

First of all, thanks for the reply.
My problem is NOT how to make the microSD card bootable, but HOW to make the Chuwi Hi10 Air tablet boot from the microSD card (in the boot menu in the BIOS I only have the USB variants - BOOT from USB Lan, USB drive and Hard Disk) .
I was able to boot the tablet from the microSD card ONLY if I inserted the microSD card into an adapter for the microUSB port of the tablet; I then inserted the same micro SD card in the microSD slot of the tablet but unfortunately I did NOT manage to boot the system (in the BIOS the microSD card is not detected as a storage device and can not be used for the boot process - I do not have the option to choose the microSD card from the BOOT menu).
I want to be able to boot the tablet from the microSD card because the tablet’s internal eMMC is broken = it is in read-only status, ie its lifespan is over.
Can a BIOS update solve this problem?
The tablet is a Hi10 AIR model Q64G19030638
Do you recommend a BIOS update?
Thank you in advance!

No BIOS updates for the tablet came out, if the BIOS does not contain something similar to “Enable Secure Digital (SD) Card Boot”, then it is impossible to boot from the sd card.

If the usb card reader bothers you, you can solder it inside :upside_down_face:. I can write instructions if you are interested.