Hi 10 xr boot from sd

I am trying to boot from micro sd, but I can’t, does anyone know if it is possible and if so, what are the correct values to enter in the bios? thank you

Sto cercando di fare il boot da micro sd , ma non riesco, qualcuno sa se è possibile e se si, quali sono i corretti valori da inserire nel bios? grazie

I don’t think it’s possible to boot from the sd-card reader. You could boot from a usb sd-card reader with the card in that, like you would boot from a normal usb flash drive. The internal sd-card reader is also connected to the usb2 hub, so read speeds and boot times would be horrible.

Depending on what you are trying to boot, you could put the initial boot/grub on the internal ssd so it initially boots from there, and have the boot/grub entry pointing to the OS on the internal sd-card reader if the sd-card reader is mounted early enough.

understood, many thanks