Micro SD-Card Reader

Hey Fam,

one question… is there any option to boot from the sd card slot?
couldn’t find anything in bios.

i have a 128gb sd card and wanted to install prime os on it, but dont know how to boot from it.

even when i press FN+F7 it doesnt appears on the boot list.

any suggestions?

thanks in advance fam

It is impossible to boot from the SD card because it is a device managed by Windows, not by Bios. I’m sorry but you will have to use a USB

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Thx mate. Using now a USB hub. :slight_smile:

Another cool and inexpensive way to use an SD Card for booting is with a USB SD Card reader. They come in normal, Micro and type C. I have a few 16 Gig SD cards laying around that I put various OS systems on and then use the USB SD Card reader. I bought mine for $1.50 on Aliexpress.

They look like this:

Thanks for sharing…