MicroSD slot card does not work

I have 2 CHUWI tablets.

CWI526 Model HiB PQ64G45160600054


CWI527 mODEL 4G+64G Hİ10 LQ64G42161204564

unfortunately no matter what I do the sd card reader does not seem to work on CWI527. It works fine on CWI526.

I am tempted to install the bios update at

However there is a great risk of bricking the tablet apparently.

There are 3 solutions posted so far:

  1. Plug in a usb drive to tablet and launch Windows, any usb drive, and sdcard will be recognized: DID NOT WORK.
  2. Launch into BIOS settings and save without saving then when windows launches shut down or sleep and then re-launch windows. sd card will be recognized: DID NOT WORK
  3. Change bios settings for sdcard from ASPC to
    chipset>south bridge>lpss & scc configuration >scc sd card support
    change “acpi mode” to “PCI” . DID NOT WORK.

Does anyone have any ideas how to work SDCARD on this device since without it I have very limited space and I dont want to use it around with a pen drive sticking out.

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So, your tablet is dual-boot? Does the card reader work in Android?

Yes I have 2 dual boot tablets.

I have 2 sd cards, a 4gb formatted as NTFS and a 128gb one formatted as EXFAT

No they are not recognized in Android as well.

however on Windows the 128gb sdcard was recognized for one time when I was trying to plug it in first few times. Never again. Windows recognized sdcard being plugged in however Device Manager shows the second SD STORAGE CLASS CONTROLLER as “Device Cannot Start”

It’s most likely a CPU problem. Try writing to service@chuwi.com.

I have been working on this problem for many months myself. It is apparently a problem with the BIOS. They do not want to fix it so we are stuck with the problem. I have tried all the supposed fixes too and none worked any longer than a reboot. You have three choices. Either make the tablet all Android or all Windows making more storage space. I choose to change my android partition to 20GB and do a clean install of the latest Windows 1909. With this set up I am able to load any apps and Windows programs I want. I use storage on my home network for files or you can use cloud storage for file. One last suggestion. I made an image of the tablet using Acronis once I had it all set up because I also have been having problems with the Android partition storage shrinking with no apparent reason or fix. This way I can restore it if the storage mysteriously gets filled. I also bought a very small USB drive but do not like having it stick out too so I do not use it much.

Link how to load newest Windows

Link on how to reload Android and Windows

Note: When loading Android the files must be on the Root directory

Link to make Android only or change the Android partition size