Bios Drivers Windows for LarkBook X

Hello, I am looking for a factory BIOS image for Chuwi LarkBook X
The ID string is ZW-BI-14-H133JR210-JC60A-063-H
Can someone please provide me a link to it?
I have also sent an email to but got no response yet…
Thank you in advance!

I have a BIOS dump for LarkBook X, Corebook X, Gemibook X
If anyone is interested, PM me

Takje into account each batch of serial numbers come with a different firmware, not all are the same, so we always ask for the Serial numbers, in your case , you batch series is:
But in the case of Larkbox that is the only one we developed, so its valid for all
I will pass them anyway in case someone need:

Windows 11