BIOS for CHUWI AeroBook 13.3 Inch

I have CHUWI AeroBook 13.3 Inch
Intel Core M3 6Y30 14nm
Windows 10

AeroBook Serial: S256G19062414

Please, can send to me latest BIOS

Best regards folks

Write to

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After I install new BIOS, and I founded that is USB port Tupe-C is deactivated by the new BIOS.
I activated USB Type-C port in BIOS, and USB Port-C still don’t work.


I update this EC, with “fix” what you sanded to me and problem is solved. The USB-C working.

Best regards from, Slobodan :sunglasses:

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I am very happy that everything works correctly. Enjoy your device


AeroBook 13.3 Inch, working excellent. I using laptop for business, because is light, and easy to carry around.

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I’ve the same isue. Could you send the fix?

BIOS Fix for Type-C port
CHUWI AeroBook 13.3 Inch

Type-C port

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My chuwi Aerobook have the BIOS v 3.0.2 and I want to update the bios to the 3.0.6 (is the last version?) can someone provide me the update files?

thank you

Chuwi does not publish Bios updates but develops new Bios for new versions of the same laptop model.
Only post updates if errors need to be corrected.
You should check in if you are in this situation quoting your serial number


can someone please send me the link for the Type C port fix? Because link above is dead, thank you!

BIOS Fix for CHUWI AeroBook 13.3 Inch
I would recommend to contact with and make sure these files are suitable for you.

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