Bios update Rzbox

Hi. Could someone tell me how i can update bios and where i can find the new bios firmware? Thank you in advance

Hello, we are not updating the Bios,the link is the win10 installation package, please save it

Thanks and best regards

Hellow ChuwiService!!
We have a lot of trouble right now, Initial failure, why don’t you try to improve it?

These outfits buy a pre-engineered platform and resell it. Mini PC bios’ from these 3rd tier companies hardly ever do a bios update once it starts selling. I suspect this one was primarily intended for a much weaker cpu, and m.2 sata drives instead of nvme.

On top of the ram/nvme compatibility issues and the overheating problems, the AMD core bios in this has a bug in it where the firmware tpm module may take forever when windows accesses it. That was just fixed a couple of months ago.

Okay box to tinker with if you can afford expensive toys. Not terribly good for the average user though.