Blue tooth help please

hello , i just bought this laptop less then 4 months ago and now my bluetooth has stopped working i need help please, the blue tooth symbol does not show anywhere says its turned off but no way to turn it back on. can someone help


I’ve faced similar issue with corebook x. The solution for me was to go to Device Manager and Deactivate Bluetooth device, restart laptop, and reactivate bluetooth device after it. Sometimes, due to static, bluetooth stops working.

I tried that three times it did not work. All the research I’m finding said it’s the windows update but I have not found a fix


Try to open recovery tool and restore your device to previous restoration point and see if bluetooth is back. Then, accept and perform windows updates again. Maybe a new version from Microsoft updates will fix it.

I got some issues with one of Windows updates that my Wifi was gone. After I restored to a previous point, and installed a newer windows update it was fixed.