Brandnew Hi10 x with H7 stylus: calibration problem

Unboxed my Hi 10 x yesterday and installed. Everything worked great, also the tablet mode with H7 stylus. Could click everything and f
or improving handwriting I writed down several sentences very easily. This morning however when I restarted the stylus and touching in tablet mode doesn’t work correct at all anymore. Like it’s not calibrated but really with inches of difference. Calibration doesn’t fix it. Anyone familiar with this issue and knows how to solve? Isn’t it strange this happend overnight without working with the device???
Besides calibrating I reïnstalled from manufacturer settings but even this didn’t solve.

Thanks! Greetz Mirjam

Can you use your computer normally without using a stylus.
Look forward to your reply

Hi yes the stylus seems to be the only problem and after reinstall the tablet (software) keyboard is also totally out of kalibration (typing r hits the t) but this is solved by kalibrating, stylus keeps the problem after kalibrating.