How calibrate stylus

Hi, I have Hi9 plus. My stylus is not perfectly calibrated. Is it possible to calibrate it manually ?

Can you provide a video?

This is a link of video. I hope I was clear.

Yes, no doubt you made yourself clear.But this deviation in your video is within the margin of error.

Yes, it is a small mistake, but its course is linear with moving away from the center. Software, such as Artflow, which have an internal pen calibration system, minimize this problem, and makes writing much more precise. A small calibration tool allows you to improve the writing on for each application.Thanks anyway for the reply!

Got ya, thank you for your suggestion.

Although I don’t know the technology with which h3pen is built, I take the liberty of suggesting an improvement. In screen writing, what makes writing very precise is the possibility of seeing the pointer in hovering. That is, seeing the pointer before the pen actually touches it. Thank you for your availability considering my proposal.