H6 pen chuwi Tip

Hey Guys,

are they any official Tip to buy from chuwi, and has it some different strengh h, hb or b ?

And can i buy those from Microsoft tip hb and replace it with the one at the h6 pen ?

Thanks alot :wave::face_with_hand_over_mouth:!

For example:


For all who want to know you can actually use the MS Tips

And IT fit perfectly

So If u want to have an softer Tip just buy those and replace it.

Best regrets your Spirit

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Just an advise If you have Trouble with the Touchpad and the h6 stylus, Install the TP Updated driver from chuwi, here is the Link:
All drivers and the TP driver

This helped me alot!

Little update:

In the beginning the MS Tips went pretty good, unfortunately the writing breaks now much more often, I think because the diameter of the tips is a little bit smaller, but with the change to the tips from Chuwi, it has improved again. I don’t think my H6 pen ever worked properly, because it always breaks while writing. There are gaps between my applied stroke and until I stop writing.

Does anyone have any advice on this, or should I order a new pen?

Question to Managment, will there be any official tips from you that have a softer tip? Something like MS tips.

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I had this exact same issue, including pretty bad latency (the cursor trailed the real pen tip by several centimeters when moving fast). This bad behaviour “magically” went away by installing the Windows 10 2004-update. So if you get the update offered, I’d recommend installing it to see if it improves your experience in the same way. It generally feels the same now as writing on a Surface Pro, which is to say pretty good :wink:

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Did you also install the suggested drivers for H6 and TP ? Or do you only use the drivers suggested by Windows?

i will try it out now and give you an update about it

Using the Chuwi drivers for TP and H6 pen as far as I know.

For example i have this one which is marked yellow, thats the one you have if you updated the TP drive from chuwi otherwise its called if i remember correctly lid or something

Hmm, mine mentions just the “HID-compliant pen” from Microsoft which is dated at 21/06/2006. Weird, I’m pretty sure I installed the updated H6-pen driver and I definitely installed the TP-update that fixed the backlighting. My in-box purple keyboard had this preinstalled, the black one I ordered because I hate purple (am-I-right?) didn’t. Maybe this got reversed by updating to 2004?

Although I’m pretty sure that the H6-driver and TP-drivers were actually more like firmwares that got installed on the device itself. To install the H6-driver for example I had to hold the pen close enough to the screen. So not sure if that was a “real” Windows driver.

But I sure don’t have any “NanjingDriver Device” in Device Manager, so maybe that was the big pen-related problem I had before and the bad performance was something else still. Whatever it was, 2004 fixed both :slight_smile:

So for all, the update 2004erase the one made from Chuwi, i have the same expience like you, see in picture:

Also i have a strange interaction, now the MS Tip works fine but the Tip from Chuwi has massiv problems.
MS Tip HB:


i am not sure whats the meaning of this is, sould i reinstall the Driver from Chuwi Official ? Maybe the Management has an answer to this.

I will Update if i have a diffrent expience in furture.