Tips for Hipen H6

Are there any replacement tips for the Stylus? Due to the covid situation I went through the included tips like nothing, and I even had a third one, as I broke my first stylus (totally my fault though… )

Are there any tips from other manufacturers that fit and don’t cause problems?

Probably can sell you tips.
Also you can try tips for microsoft pen 3pcs Scratch proof Replacement Touch Stylus Pen Tip For Microsoft Surface Pro 4 X6HA|Tablet Touch Pens| - AliExpress

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Update: I bought some cheap Surface Pen tips off Ebay, they work just as fine as the original ones. Maybe even a bit better as they are softer, but that is a question of taste I assume.


I bought " 3pcs Original Pen Tips Stylus Pen Tip Replacement Kit HB 2H H for Microsoft Surface Pro 7/6/5/4/Book/Studio/Go" (Aliexp…), cheap but work well.