Hi10XR the HI6 pen it work? How well?

Please can someone confirm that the pen sold with this tablet actually works i didn’t order one but I am now considering it. First does it work properly? Pressure sensitivity work? it work with windows drawing apps? How is peoples experience with this pen? Only clear answers please and any problems found. Thankyou

Hi, @Digiscales

Q1) Does it work properly ?
A1) Depends on what software you use.

Q2) Pressure sensitivity works ?
A2) Yes.

Q3) It works with windows drawing apps?
A3) please refer to A1.

Q4) How is peoples experience with this pen?
A4) I have Hi10X(later version) and HiPen H6. I point out three facts. (a) H6 has no tilt sensor (or does not work with Autodesk SketchBook). (b) H6’s buttons function in the differently way shown by Chuwi official. The button near the pen tip(point) works as erase button actually. © Hover distance is about 1 centimeter.

From my experience, how stylus pen functions is heavily dependent on what software you use, e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Celsys ComicStudio, and so on. If you want seriously to draw many pictures using PC, I recommend you to buy equipment that are confirmed to be usable for the software you use, by the software developer.

Sorry for my not simple answers.

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Thanks very clear im a beginner so from what you have already said i think i might buy it! what is issue autodesk? Is Photoshop usable with pen? My brother is good artist so it might not suit him so well


Hi10X is not a leading edge PC. So most of major painting software run too slowly for artists (they usually run with 8GB main memory, i5 core or more powerful processor).
By luck, Autodesk SketchBook can be used comfortably on Hi10X except tilt function.

Sample Picture drawn using Hi10X + Autodesk SketchBook

If you want to draw pictures using PC like traditional painting (oil color, pastel, watercolor, pencil…), I recommend you to use Corel Painter Essential. It’s low-priced but too heavy for Hi10X :worried:.

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Hi, sorry for bothering, but can you help me? I have problem with the cursor…

The cursor was lagging behind the place of the pen and then it was slowly going under it, which was not a problem only when the pen was touching the screen - it was not lagging, it was working perfectly, except for the rest of the time, when the pen was not touching the display - when I tried to click some buttons, the cursor clicked where it was still behind and then coming back under the pen, which was right above where I wanted to click…

In the system’s pen settings menu I didn’t find any option that was allowing the cursor to act like that, so I’m guessing there are installed wrong or old drivers for the pen.

If you know if that cursor behaviour was normal, please answer in the topic I opened…

OK I got the H6 pen out of interest does H7 pen work with hi10xr all serial numbers? Versions?

Hi. @HriSitY

I possibly understand what you want HiPen to do, because I am a user of Wacom Pen tablet. In case of Wacom’s products, mouse pointer is always precisely under pen tip. However HiPen ( and probably almost Surface Pens ) does not work like Wacom’s, because of Microsoft generic HID driver.
(almost HIDs work with Microsoft generic driver. see URL below. We don’t need specific drivers to use almost HIDs.)

I don’t accuse Microsoft. Wacom’s products usually don’t support touch pad. Some reasons may be derived from HID design/usability.