Best Art Programs for Hi10 X With H6 Pen? Pressure Sensitivity Problems

So I have a newer Hi10X, checked the serial number, as well as the H6 pen that pairs with it. But I can’t seem to get the pressure sensitivity to work on any of the programs I tried out.

I’ve tried Paint Tool SAI 1.0 and 2.0, as well as Krita and the Paint 3D software that comes installed. Is there something wrong with my drivers or are these programs just incompatible with Chuwi?

I also want to mention that the Krita program did not run very well. As I drew the lines would appear at 10 FPS.

Update: I have gotten the pressure sensitivity to work on an Speedy Painter, so I can confirm that it works. I’d like it to work in Easy Paint Tool SAI as that has been my favorite app so far, but I still can’t get it to work. If anyone has any fixes for SAI I would appreciate it.

I love Concepts. Does not everything a big app could do - but for sketching and protoyping it is perfect. 9,99 $

Autodesk Sketchbook, try it free. Works great with the pen.

Switching the Tablet Input API from WinTab to Windows 8+ Pointer Input fixed Krita for me.