Hi10 X CSP compatibility

I’m thinking about buying this model but I’d like to know if anyone knows if the pen / pressure sensitivity will work with Clip Studio Paint. I tried to ask the people over at CSP first, but they redirected me here.

I also sent a message to Chuwi on FB, but I am not sure if that’s the right place for such questions, which is why I’m also asking on the forums in hopes that maybe someone who has the tablet tried it and found out.

I cannot test it on an Hi10X with H6-pen since my wife has the older model with H3-pen, but I can check if it runs on the basic H10 X hardware (which is the same for both versions) and then also test it on my Ubook Pro with H6-pen. I’ll probably have some time for this during the weekend. Keep you posted :wink:

I can also check it. Maybe I can help you two.

Hi, @firebird71 and @darkjeric .
I checked how stylus pen works in ClipStudioPaint Pro.

  • Pressure Sensitivity is effective/available, but not as stable as Wacom traditional Stylus. You may need to calibrate a few times.
  • Button 1: erase (draw with transparent color)
  • Button 2: pick up color from the screen
  • Response is almost good but having a little lag. (same as Autodesk SketchBook)
  • Some brush tools are a bit too heavy for Hi10X (see: System Requirements | Clip Studio Paint | Clip Studio.NET).

I used CSP pro for 1.5 hour. It can be usable on Hi10X.
However, 10 inch screen may be small for you and … manufacturer support …

EDIT: I used it with just a layer. ( I usually don’t need multiple layer ). If you use tools ( layers, 3D modeler, effect, etc), more CPU performance and memory are required, probably.

I attached the picture I drew with CSP pro in 1.5 hour JFYI

Drawing using PC is inconvenient for me. :disappointed: