Burbujas en pantalla

Acabo de recibir mi Ubook X y, tras quitar la pelicula de plástico de la pantalla, veo que hay tres burbujas pequeñas dentro de la pantalla, como si estuvieran por debajo de un protector rígido. ¿Hay que retirar alguna película más o se trata de un defecto de la pantalla? Gracias.

I just received my Ubook X and after removing the plastic film from the screen, I see that there are three small bubbles inside the screen, as if they were under a rigid protector. Is there any more film to remove or is it a screen defect? Thanks.

In addition to the foil with the Chuwi logo, there is another foil on the display. I also had 2-3 blisters in there.
But I left this on as a screen protector and instead removed the bubbles. It’s pretty easy.
Warm the foil a little with a hair dryer. But don’t hold onto it with full power here. :wink:

Then use the edge of a credit card to wipe the bubbles out towards the edge.

Alternatively, you can simply pull it off. But then you no longer have any protection for the screen.

Probaré lo del secador de pelo.
Muchas gracias por la respuesta.

I’ll try the hair dryer.
Thank you very much for the reply.

Finalmente, la prueba del secador de pelo no funcionó, así que devolví la tableta. Lo siento

Finally, the hair dryer test didn’t work, so I returned the tablet. Sorry.