Button revovery

How to switch to button recovery mode

If you are looking for android recovery here is one of the ways - On the system selection screen, select Android and immediately hold down “volume -”. And hold until the bootloader menu appears. From there, you can boot into recovery.

thank you,
I finally reach the recovery menu and then to the android guy with no command or I am blocked again.
What manipulation is necessary to pass this blockage.
thank you in advance

To move through the menu options you must use the volume keys + and -, and to select, you must press the power button

quand je sélectionne avec le bouton power le mode recovery,
soit je reviens en dual boot sur android
soit je tombe sur icone android no command;
avez vous une solution?

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when I select the recovery mode with the power button,
either I come back in dual boot on android
either I fall on android icon no command;
Do you have a solution?
thank you

In the dual menu select android and immediately press the power and volume button - release the power button and press and hold the volume button - until the menu comes out

J’arrive bien sur les menus: mode fasboot, reboot ect…mais une fois selectionnè le mode revovery impossible de rentrer dans le menu avec le bouton power.
J’arrive soit sur l’android no command ou la tablette reboote.
J’ai essaye power+volume - release power et volume - press and hold memê situation.
Quelle manipulation pour entrer dans le mode recovery

I arrive well on the menus: fasboot mode, reboot ect … but once selected the revovery mode impossible to enter the menu with the power button.
I arrive either on the Android no command or the tablet reboote.
I tried power + volume - release power and volume - press and hold same situation.
What manipulation to enter recovery mode

When you in a “no command” mode or see “dead android” try to press windows key on touchscreen.

J’ai essayé veinement cela ne marche pas

Thank you, finally in the system recovery menu.
But unfortunately the volume button - and + do not allow you to select from the menu.
Is there a solution?

Perhaps the recovery freezes.
Are you trying to reset android from recovery? I think it’s better to reinstall rather than reset.