Chuwi HiPad Pro hard reset doesn't work


Can’t make an hard reset on Chuwi HiPad Pro…
Power-Sound+ combination doesn’t work, power-sound- combination either.

Forgot the password and that’s why I would like to hard reset …

Any suggestions?

Yeah, I recommend you to follow this video, It’s in spanish so if you need help to understand it feel free to contact me on discord!: @muacky

Hi thanks for the reply.
But first… This is the chuwi HiPad x not the chuwi HiPad Pro. The power button is on the left and smaller side of the tablet.

And of course I did the same thing … Pushing both buttons same time… But the boot menu never appears.

Hope for more help
Thanks a lot

I thought it might also work for you as it worked for me (I have a Hi10 Pro)

try holding the volume up or volume down button while you REBOOT the tablet