Can hi10x do smart charging? i am now using timer plug to charge at ODD hours and discharge at EVEN hours. thx

hi, in my opinon, hi10X beat even the double priced lenovo duet 3i, except

  1. full function USB-C which lead duet 3i to display to 2 ext LCD + build-in LCD = 3 LCD
  2. smart charging = battery always keep at 50%

the 3LCD problem seems can only be solved by usb displaylink but it’s slow.

how about smart charging?
i am using this

it can program 20 programs, i just set 12 program,
start at 0100, off at 0200;
start at 0300, off at 0400 etc.

honestly it now only flutuate around 100%, not 50% but i think it’s better than always 100%.

any idea?