12V/3A Power Adapter Supply

I found this USB hub with one power supply (12V/3A).
Chuwi Hi10 X is compatible with 12V/2A.
So, is this Unitek USB Ethernet Adapter 7-Port Hub going to work with Chuwi Hi10 X?
Can you someone with electrical knowledge give me advise?
Thank you.

I just want to update.
I received my Hi10X and tested with Unitek USB Ethernet Adapter 7-Port Hub, but unfortunately :cold_sweat: it does not charge my Hi10X.
I have to keep looking at other options. :neutral_face:

a direct 12v supply is needed to charge the HI10x…
a charger that claims to provide various voltages will not work, this is typical of PD and Fast charge technology, they typically receive info from the connected device as to what their charging voltage requirement is, but the Hi10X does not provide this sensing technology.

If you cant find a 12v 2amp (or greater amp) usb-c charger in your country then you could purchase a typical 12v 2amp (or greater amp) charger that will most likely have a DC tip on it with an outside diameter of 5.5mm and an internal diameter of 2.5mm, then purchase a DC tip to usb-c adapter.

Hello Sirius-c

Thank you very much for looking into this.
I found another one on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/alimentación-adaptador-repuesto-Express-Streaming/dp/B07GBWSVWB/ref=sr_1_80?dchild=1&keywords=12V+2A+Power+Supply+Charger+Adapter&qid=1596001337&s=electronics&sr=1-80
Do you think this is going to work?

Thank you again.

I would say yes, but that is on the assumption that it can truly provide a full 2 Amps at 12v,
the charger is advertised as Max 24 watt… therefore 24 watt divided by 12v = 2 Amp,
If it can provide 2 amp, then yes it will work by selecting 12v and making sure the polarity is correct

im pretty sure it’ll be fine but ive asked the question anyway


EDIT Seller has responded to my question

I’ve just seen that they sell a 36 watt version, since here in the UK both are roughly the same price, i would purchase this 36W one.
U.S link

this provides max 3 Amp at 12v as stated in their listing, i cannot see any reason why this charger would not work.

Hello Sirius-c
Thank you again for looking into this and even finding a 36 watt version.
I’ve just ordered one and will report back once I have tested.
I am located in the U.S.
You have been awesome helping us on this forum.
Thanks again.

Thank you for finding this charger, i may purchase one myself :+1:

Are you sure Hi10X doesn’t support Power Delivery? I don’t have this one bu I have Chuwi Surbook which has the charger 12V. This charger doesn’t fit to my smartphone etc. But! If I take the PD charger luike this http://ali.pub/4ymbkt or power bank with power dilivery support (http://ali.pub/4ymbtk)- Surbook charges perfectly.

I have been looking for a USB C cable/plug that I can simply splice the cable and connect a 12v supply (such as car battery or 3s LiPo). Has anyone here actually tested one of the above mentioned cables on the Hi10x? Anyone any ideas which pins inside the USB C plug are used for powering the Hi10x ?

I just ordered this with the idea of chopping off the dc barrel connector and wiring int the 12v supply, but would rather not be the lab rat and see if someone else got this working first :slight_smile:

Hallo Godzilla,
I’m not sure, but if I see the USB-C contact for loading, than you should load with powersupply of max 5 voltage.
For my opinion, USB is NOT (!!!) allowed for 12 V!!

You can take each USB-loading adpter, also with lesser as 2 ampers. But if you switch off the power supply, take off the connector from Chuwi device. In other case, Chuwi will be unloaded.

Best regards, Wolfhardt

I located a cable on Amazon, chopped off the barrel connector and connected it directly to a 12v supply, and can confirm that it charges the Hi10x perfectly. Again, the link to the cable in Amazon


Ciorrect - it doesn’t support PD. The Hi10Air model I had previously did, but the x needs a 12v supply over the top USB C connector.

Hello Everyone,
I received this 36W universal charger.

Please see the attached photos, in which you can see:

This 36W universal charger is just about the same size as the original Hi10x charger and very light.
I am very happy with this purchase.
Thanks everyone for paying attention to this thread!
Happy Chuwing!!

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Great news, and a good charger for other devices too :+1:

What about this combination? If it works, the cost is under $5 including shipping!